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I've never been to Asia before 2018 and for a long time I thought that Japan would be my first encounter and trip to the far East. That changed when I visited Taiwan in October 2018. After only a day it was very clear to me that I wanted to come back and see more of this stunning country, get to know its locals, the food and see as much as I could. More so since it had only been a short stay for 4 days. It was spontaneously booked only 2 months in advance, but worked out just fine, including accomodation and everything. People there truly are as friendly, as everyone says. Initially I merely wanted to meet some online friends in person, but it quickly escalated to be a wonderful time with lovely people, tasty food and some incredible sights and adventures!
A year later my partner and me packed things to head back to Taiwan for a 2 week vacation which shall end with attending a local furry convention (Infurnity) there. This little website shall give you, dear visitor, a few impressions of what places I have seen, what culinary treats I tried out and how the convention was for me. There's everything, cell-phone snapshots, proper camera images and more. Browse and enjoy. Some of the images have captions, others don't. The image gallery needs JavaScript enabled to make full use of its potential.

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